Member Rides
Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club
These are just a few of our
Club Cars. We have a wide
range of Oldsmobiles in our
club and we are proud to
show them off.

Click the Pics to see larger
versions in all their glory.
Dale Terry owns this beautiful Olds.
Bob Browns beautiful Toronado
The Peifers little collection.
1984 Chevy Corvette  A-team Replica
1980 Blakely Bearcat
1 Chevy Corvette
Scott Campbell owns these two beauties. A 1970 Cutlass and a 75 Cutlass race car
he owns with his brother Gary.
Another Mallory car his 1968 Cutlass
Rick Lanes 1956 Holiday
Glen Mallory owns this 1958 88
Alan Lowe's '59 Dynamic
Smith's 1965 442
Ron Madd has these two gorgeous 1969 442's
Jerry Quinn has this awesome 422
Betty Lowes 1971 Cutlass S
The Halls 2015 Stingray
Wendelboe 1979 Trans Am
The Kolstad 1967 Cutlass
The Santucci 1956 Super 88
Mike Watsons 1955 88
The Steinbach 1971 442 W-30
Wendelboe 1970 442.
Wendelboe's 1971 vista CruiserS
Harr's 1938 Touring
Harr's 1980
Randy Perkins has this 1985 Cutlass Calais
Another from the Madd family a 1969 Camaro
Bob Cambells '59 88 SceniCoupe Holiday
Bob Campbells '31 Olds.
Bob Campbells 1954 S-88 Holiday
Larry Ruppel's custom  Olds Hearse.
The Ruppels nice 442
Gary and Helen Smith added this 1970 SX ragtop to
their collection.